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Bottles. Good for safety and glitches.
Bottle Official Art


There are four bottles in the game.

Bar Bottle

This one is found in the back entrance to the bar in Kakariko Village.

Merchant Bottle

In Kakariko Village, a merchant will sell Link a bottle in exchange for 100 rupees.

Hobo Bottle

Under the stone bridge in the Light World is a hobo who will give Link a bottle for free. To get to the Hobo normally, Link will need the Flippers in order to swim in deep water. It is possible to reach him before this using the Fake Flippers glitch though.

The hobo bottle is unobtainable in the Rain State.

Average Guy Bottle

After the lost Smith has been rescued, a purple chest will appear in the Dark World in the same area as the Smithy House is in the Light World. If this purple chest is taken to the "Average Man," who is found in the entrance to the Desert Area in the Light World, he will open it for you and give you its contents: an empty bottle.

Some notes about carrying the purple chest:

  • With only a couple of exceptions discussed below, you cannot dash while carrying the purple chest.
  • You can flute with it.
  • You can jump ledges with it. Dashes can even be used if they are started shortly after the hop.
  • You can use the hookshot to move quickly while carrying it. Dashes can even be used if they are started shortly after moving with the hookshot.
  • You can start a dash if Link takes damage and it is started shortly after the hit is taken.
  • Unless it's a cave you can fall into from a ledgehop (such as the near-by magic bat cave), you will be unable to take the chest indoors with you.
  • Touching the chest, even if it's later dropped, will make the game consider it a follower. This has a few consequences, most notably not being able to take another follower (such as Blind Maiden or Kiki). To resolve this, the player must either save and quit to reset the chest or have the Average Man open it.


The bottles can be used as a container to store other items: a fairy, a potion (red, green, and blue varieties), and bees (including the Good Bee). Bottling a fairy or a bee also requires the Bug Catching Net.

In speedruns, bottles are mainly used for two purposes. The first is safety, where a player can spend some time to get a bottle or two (usually the ones in Kakariko) and store fairies in them to help survive the harder parts of the game. When filled with a potion, the bottles also allow for an interesting class of glitches called Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure. These glitches can be very powerful and are used in a few of the Major Glitches categories.