Major Glitches

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Major Glitches are glitches the community has determined are too severe for No Major Glitch Speedruns. Most of these lead to significant breaks in the sequence and logic of the game.

MG Speedruns

The following glitches are allowed in MG Speedrun categories unless otherwise noted. These runs may sometimes be called "unrestricted" because there are almost no limitations on what's performed, although RAM Preparation and out-of-bounds misslotting tend to be banned even in these runs.

Exploration Glitch (EG)

Exploration Glitch (or EG) refers to a subset of glitches that manipulate Link's layer in the underworld. Often this leads to Link being able to get "under" the map in the underworld, and since every room in the underworld is technically part of the same map, this allows him to easily travel throughout the underworld. This glitch is extremely powerful in an Any% context, allowing players to reach the credits in under two minutes. While it's still a powerful glitch in other MG Speedruns, it's limited in many situations by how Link can't interact with most sprites while in EG as well as specific rules regarding where/how he can enter and exit the state.

There are many ways to activate EG, including normal OOB glitches, underworld YBAs, underworld Mirror Jumps, midair S&Q, jumping into voids, offsetting the camera (for example with bumpers in Skull Woods) and using the 1.0 pit in Tower of Hera. For more information about EG and how to perform various speedrun applications of it, see its page.

Transition Corruption (TC)

Transition Corruption (or TC) refers to a subset of glitches which are accomplished by bypassing or corrupting a transition on the underworld. These can be accomplished in a variety of ways with many different effects. See its Main Page for more information.

Door Juke

Main article: Door Juke

Door Juke is a glitch that allows the player to bypass room transition triggers in the underworld. They can be done with Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure (see below), Statue Drag, Mirror Door, and through snapping with Somaria or Bombs. See the main page for more info.

Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure (YBA)

Main article: YBA

A YBA is a glitch that results from Link using a bottled potion at the same time he touches a screen transition. This can be used for Door Juking, but in some contexts, it can be used to trigger an underworld fake flute.

Mirror Door

Main article: Mirror Door

A Mirror Door is a glitch resulting from using the Magic Mirror on the same frame as activating a door transition. This glitch gives some similar results to YBA, but also produces some unique effects that are impossible through other means, such as opening a "Triforce door" in any room.

Somaria Transition Corruption (STC)

Main article: Somaria Door

A glitch which spoofs data inside rooms, or overwrites completion flags in a room. This can cause chest contents to change, refill chests, regenerate keys, and toggle the "holes hurt players" flag which allows for some Wrong Warps.

Death Hole

Main article: Deathhole

A glitch where the player dies at the exact time a fall transition is triggered. This will keep Link physically in his current room with data spoofed from the room he was supposed to fall to.

Underworld Fake Flute

Main article: Fake Flute

Underworld Fake Flute is a glitch that occurs when Link performs a Blue YBA on a subtile transition or a Green YBA on a supertile transition. When this happens, the flute menu is called. Fluting in the underworld, which is of course never meant to happen in normal gameplay, leads to a very powerful game-state called Plaid World. Plaid World is considered a state on-par with EG and is therefore banned in MG runs that ban EG, even if the run allows other forms of Transition Corruption.

Wrong Warp (WW)

A Wrong Warp involves using a hole in a room to transfer the player to a room which is not intended to be accessed from the former. Some holes can accomplish this by default, such as Ganonpot or the Turtle Rock lava dive. Others require transition corruptions to change the behavior of the hole or to create holes in rooms that don't normally have them.


Misslotting is a class of glitches that involve loading ancillae into incorrect slots in the game's memory. This can create a variety of effects, including Hookpush, Hookclip, and Overworld Conveyor.

If the player misslots ancillae outside the table reserved for them, this is considered out-of-bounds misslotting, a glitch capable of letting the player achieve Arbitrary Code Execution. Because of this power, it is banned in MG Runs outside of ACE RTA.

RMG Speedruns

The following glitches are allowed in MG and Restricted Major Glitches (or RMG) Speedruns. These glitches have a reduced power level compared to the ones above.

Out of Bounds (OOB)

Specific manipulation of the game engine's collision detection to bypass a boundary. On the underworld OOB results in Link being outside a room's walls, but without freedom of movement across the underworld map (that is EG). On the overworld OOB results in bypassing an obstacle, such as a wall or cliff. Methods to achieve OOB include Clipping, Teleports, and mirror jumps. Some applications of OOB can automatically lead to EG.

Screen Transition Glitches (Overworld)

A subset of glitches using screen transitions on the overworld.

Mirror Wrapping

A Mirror Wrap occurs when Link uses the Mirror and transitions the screen at the same time. This can lead to him getting moved further into a screen than he normally would, which can skip past obstacles that would ordinarily be in his path.


A Funny Auto-Walk Thing (or FAWT) is a glitch that occurs when Link triggers an overworld screen transition while he's partially inside the transition (typically the result of doing OoB glitches). On the following screen, Link will "auto-walk" a certain distance into the screen. While he's auto-walking, the player will have no control over Link, and Link will not interact with any level collision or sprites in his path.

Yuzuhara's Bottle Adventure (YBA)

A blue potion YBA activates an Overworld Fake Flute. Using a green or red potion to activate a YBA on the overworld corrupts the screen's data, allowing the player to bypass some obstacles.