Pegasus Boots

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Andy's favorite item


The Boots are found after Link completes Eastern Palace and talks to Sahasrahla.


In JP 1.0, it allows the player to perform glitches related to it:

  • Itemdashing is where the user can dash and use an item on the same frame. In the No Major Glitches route, it is used to attain keys by using the Boomerang.
  • Spindashing is where the player can use the spin attack and causing Link to attain Superspeed.

Advanced Boots Tactics

It is possible to hover with the Pegasus Boots. See the page on hovering for more information.

The Pegasus Boots can also be used to store an item drop for later on. If Link dashes into an enemy and kills it, no item will drop. This is used in Agahnim's Tower in the NMG route to store a fairy for Turtle Rock.


Also known as a "bonk", bonking is where Link crashes into a solid object. This should be avoided as often as possible, because you will lose some time. You can prevent this from happening by pressing <v whenever Link comes close. This cancels the dash, allowing Link to regain movement. You will also save several frames by cancel dashing before entering Ganon's Tower.