Eastern Palace

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Eastern Palace
Eastern Palace.png
Boss Armos Knights
Dungeon item Bow
Previous dungeon Hyrule Castle
Next dungeon Desert Palace

Eastern Palace is the first real dungeon and is generally considered to be one of the easiest in the game. While there are some challenging rooms to optimize, very few screens have significant random elements. If you are comfortable with a few strats here, there is very little to fear in this dungeon.

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Eastern Palace Approach

On the overworld screen before entering Eastern Palace, you will need to find your way past an armos blocking your path. Optimally, this armos can either slashed or hit with a boomerang from above. Very slightly slower, however, is to simply boomerang him from his left side.

Just after this armos you would normally need to boomerang the guard at the top of the stairs before entering Eastern Palace. However, you can delay the guard's spawning by staying low as you approach the stairs. Doing so allows you to walk right past the guard if you double pump going up the stairs.

Avoid dealing with guard

You need to start walking upwards when you're about underneath the first armos. File

Four Stalfos Room

The first trick in this section is the room with hidden stalfos you must kill to progress. There is a trigger in the middle of the room which will spawn 4 stalfos when you cross it. However, by activating the trigger at a specific spot, 2 of the stalfos spawns will be blocked by solid objects, allowing you to only kill have to kill 2 to progress. Follow the path on the picture below.

Stalfos Room pic.png

You want to grab the top right pot and walk left, move down to touch the bones and throw right. Move upleft to grab the top left pot and throw it down to kill the 2nd. You can then exit the room. The red path saves about 10 frames over the orange one at the beginning of the room because it allows you to move diagonally to the spawn trigger.

Big Key Trick

Commonly known as the "Big Key Skip," this trick doesn't skip the big key, but rather skips the slow intended solution to the room. Normally you are supposed to kill everything to make the anti-fairies move off the pot. However, by intentionally taking damage, you can use invulnerability frames pick up the pot. You can't trigger the switch while invulnerable, however, so you need to stay on the switch until the invulnerable frames wear off. You want to use the first popo after the door to get damage boost into the pot, or you can go between the pot and the stairs and get the invulnerability by the anti-fairy.

You need a heart and a half to get the boost off the popo and 2 hearts if you do it off the antifairy. So manage your health carefully.

Eastern bkskip1.png Eastern bkskip2.png

Greenies and the Key


(image with transparency effects off, showing the room as if it were lit)

There are a lot of strats for this room, boom the right popo and kill the eyegore with the bow from the right, sword slash some popos, kill the eyegore from below. Killing some popos is good for getting rupees. But they all kill the eyegore with an arrow.

There is also the strat called "gifted with greenies", you sword slash the two popos in the middle, move up, grab the left pot and trow at the eyegore with the key and boom the key. This strat is slower if you just take for account the room, but it save an arrow and you can switch to bow in the zeldagamer room, that gives you a free buffer to check the stalfos RNG. It's really a hard strat.

YouTube icon.svg Watch it here

Zeldagamer Room

zeldagamer room pathing

This room can be troublesome.

The best way to do it is to arrow one of the skeletons and kill the other with the pot containing the arrow bundle (and get the arrows). The skeletons will both walk right upon Link entering the room, and then will turn to walk north or south at one of three different spots (see white paths on the picture). You should walk to the 2nd tile away from the arrow pot (green circle in pic) and hesitate to read the RNG. If you do Gifted with Greenies (lol), you can menu from the boomerang to the bow here to make this easier.

A few things to be aware of:

  • If only one of the skeletons faces away from you, shoot that one and pot the one that walks toward the center of the room. You don't want to chase them down with the pot.
  • If both skeletons turn away from Link, shoot the south one. Better to chase the north one around than have to walk south to chase the other.
  • If the top one gives a short pattern and walks down, you may need to walk down to avoid getting hit by it. This is especially true if you arrowed the bottom skeleton, in which case you'd probably need to go under the pot as taking a direct path to it would mean taking damage.
  • The best RNGs generally involve the top one doing a mid pattern where he walks down, and the bottom skeleton doing either a short or mid pattern (where he faces doesn't matter really). Arrow the bottom one, and quickly pot the top one, should be easy every time.
  • And of course the worst RNG is getting long patterns from both. Sucks when it happens, not a whole lot you can do.

This requires some quick decision making and reactions. You don't want YouTube icon.svg this to happen. So be sure to practice some :>

You will see people exiting the room while charging the sword left (or right), it's because sometime the door close on you, and if you sword is charged up, that's cancel your charge

Double Reddies

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Collected Items


You need 1 arrow to kill the green eyegore with the key, 2 for the red eyegore in the zeldagamer room and 4 for the last room. You need 18 arrow for Armos Knights. So you need at least 25 arrows, you can pick up 25-30 arrow under pot in the dungeon and try to get lucky with an arrow drop. You actually don't want to end the dungeon with 0 arrow.

Easternarrow1.png Easternarrow2.png Easternarrow3.png Easternarrow4.png


You need 4 rupees from drops in the lightworld if you go for the 2x50 rupee chest route. With the tree route, the more you get, more time you save. Eastern is a really good place to get "free" rupees, because lot of popos are in the way and they are in the rupee prizepack. So keep an eye on your rupee count and try to grab rupee if you need them.


See Armos Knights

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