Desert Palace

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Desert Palace
Desert Palace.png
Boss Lanmolas
Dungeon item Power Glove
Previous dungeon Eastern Palace
Next dungeon Tower of Hera

The third dungeon of the game. You're supposed to get the Pegasus Boots before entering the palace, and so a lot of time is usually spent dashing around in this segment.

Any% NMG



Bridge Guard


To avoid getting hit by the guards in this screen, hold <^ when entering the screen, and start dashing as soon as possible. Remember to stop holding ^ before the dash starts. You will know you have it right if you don't clink on the green guard.

If you do clink on the green guard, let your dash take you just past the edge of the far pillar on the bridge, and nudge the bridge on your dash down. You should still clear all the guards.



Entering the door to the Library can be hard with spinspeed. A trick here is to walk upwards (hold ^) until you hit the house, and only then hold ^>.


Bonk key


Moving this way allows to squeeze in some extra pumps. As long as you are holding diagonal when the Beamos shoots at you, you won't get hit. File


This skips the problem of getting hit by the laser completely. File


Just hold diagonal while you enter the room and the laser will never hit you. File

Big Key cannon hallway

The timing with which the wall-cannons in this room shoot is determined by a frame rule (Details). That means it is entirely random and you have to react to what you get. When you enter the room (and have stereo sound available) you can listen to the cannon shots to sometimes get a clue for which pattern to expect. The rare 1-2-1 pattern is especially easy to identify, since you will hear the first shot only on the left channel. Here are three examples of how to deal with different patterns with the help of a pause buffer.

Bad 2-2 pattern9'48

A pause is used right after passing the columns to identify the cannonball pattern. In this case the pause is especially helpful, because it manipulates the pattern on the way back to not block the dash. File

Good 2-2 pattern9'13

With good luck no adjustment at all is necessary. File

The rare 1-2-1 pattern9'53

This pattern only appears when the room is entered in the 5-frame-window after the right cannon fired. It requires a late dash-cancel and a few extra steps to avoid all cannonballs. Be prepared! File



Requires rapid lighting of the first two torches to make it past the Eyegore. File


Cancelling the dash earlier and moving north first after lighting the bottom torches manipulates the Eyegore into walking down. File

Extra arrows16'36

These arrows take about a second to pick up and are a safe choice at under 25 arrows. File

Collected Items

You pick up Pegasus Boots, Book of Mudora and Power Glove in this segment.


See Lanmolas

100% NMG

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