Skull Woods

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Skull Woods
Skull Woods.png
Boss Mothula
Dungeon item Fire Rod
Previous dungeon Swamp Palace
Next dungeon Thieves' Town

Any% NMG


In order to upgrade Link's current sword to the tempered sword, Link must return the lost blacksmith, leave the blacksmith shop, reenter to drop off his current sword, leave the shop again and transition the overworld screen at least once, and return to the blacksmiths for the upgrade.

There are two popular methods to achieve this. One method is to mirror immediately when entering the Dark World overworld screen outside the blacksmith shop and completing the tempered sword quest entirely in the Light World, returning to the Dark World once the sword has been upgraded.

The other method is to mirror after walking up the stairs in the Dark World overworld screen and use the mirror warp to act as the required screen transition.

The following video shows both methods in action:

YouTube icon.svg BluntBunny's Blacksmith comparison video

Avoiding Spear Guy

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Mummy Room

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Big Chest Bomb Jump

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Mummy Hellway

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Collected Items

You pick up Tempered Sword and Fire Rod in this segment.


See Mothula

100% NMG

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