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Ganon With Trident.png
HP255Icon Bow.png-Icon Silver Bow.png24
Icon L1 Sword.png-Icon Cane of Somaria.png-Icon Cane of Byrna.png-
Icon L2 Sword.png-Icon Fire Rod.png-Icon Ice Rod.png-
Icon L3 Sword.png4Icon Hammer.png-Icon Bombs.png-
Icon L4 Sword.png8Icon Boomerang.png-Icon Hookshot.png-
Icon Bombos.png-Icon Ether.png-Icon Quake.png-
Icon Green Mail.png
Icon Blue Mail.png
Icon Red Mail.png

You're going to have to practice this... a lot.


4 Phases

  1. Trident Phase: Throws his trident and teleports across the room where he will catch it and prepare to throw again. Repeats until his HP reaches 208
  2. Firebats Phase: Spins trident around, summoning a ring of firebats. The firebat ring will expand and then contract back to its original size before the firebats fully form and fly after Link. After this, Ganon will warp across the room and start to summon a new ring. This repeats until his HP drops to 160
  3. Teleport Phase: Teleports around the room, sometimes attempting a spiral fire attack and other times just warping away again (assumed 50/50 probability between the two). You can only hit him when he tries to do his attack, and ideally you do so before the attack starts. His HP is locked in this phase but each time you hit him, he will stomp the ground and remove one of the rows of floor tiles bordering the room. After he stomps the ground for the 4th time, triggering the collapse of the tiles on the left edge of the room, this phase is over and phase 4 will begin.
  4. Final Phase: Ganon will either remain where he is after his 4th stomp from the 3rd phase or teleport to a different location on the same side of the room and will shoot a single firebat at Link. He will then go into a cycle of warping across the room, shooting a single firebat in Link's direction, and then warping across the room again. The torches go out in the room shortly after the last floor tile has fallen, but using a small glitch, you can keep the right torch lit (see: Strategy). Both torches need to be lit for Ganon to be vulnerable to your attacks. He has 96 HP during this phase.


Tempered Sword

Phases 1 & 2

In these phases, you want to try for what is called a 1+1 cycle, where Ganon only does both phases once. This can be difficult to do for beginners because the Tempered Sword requires 12 hits (slash = 1 hit, spin = 2 hits, double spin = 4 hits) to advance each phase.

At the beginning of the fight, players should slash immediately before the text starts for the first hit, clear the text, and follow up with two more hits. After this players should perform the Trident spin. With this spin, the goal is to release just after Ganon throws his Trident with Link positioned right next to Ganon's foot. If done correctly, Link will be caught between Ganon and his Trident during the spin attack, allowing for a double spin which does 4 hits worth of damage. From here, another 5 hits are needed to finish the 1st cycle, and Ganon will warp to one of 4 places along the bottom of the room. If he warps to either the far right or far left positions, then usually players quickly slash 5 times to finish phase 1. If he warps to one of the middle two positions, then the best approach is a double spin between Ganon and the wall followed by a single slash. If done correctly, phase 1 will be over and Ganon will move to phase 2.

Phase 2 starts as soon as Ganon begins spinning his trident in a circle. From here, it will take 12 hits to advance to the 3rd phase. In phase 2 there are specific setups done for each warp position to get a 1 cycle. Below are some videos that show them in combination with phase 1.

Far Left

Some players prefer doing 8+2+2 rather than the 7+3+2 shown here, entirely preference. Try to tap ^ followed by B immediately rather than just holding ^ when slashing. This can minimize the chance you accidentally walk too high and touch a fire bat. File

Mid Right

Hold <^ while facing left to repeatedly slash here. Some players won't do the double spin at the start of phase 2, opting for more slashing instead. File

Far Right

Similar to the Far Left warp, some players prefer 8+2+2. Do as you like. The torch is useful here because it will keep you in good position. File

No Hookshot Setups

Additionally, there are setups for the 2nd phase that don't make use of hookshot invulnerability, which is advantageous in situation where you either don't have the hookshot (Any% No EG) or it would waste time to equip it (All Dungeons or NMG with Moldorm 2 hover). Some players also prefer the no hook setups for the two middle warps, regardless of whether or not they have hookshot equipped. All of these strats make use of dashes within the fire bat circle to damage Ganon. Dashes are effective here because they can deal slash damage but they don't give the knockback/recoil that a slash does, allowing the player to safely damage Ganon from the inside the ring.

Far Left (no Hookshot)

My (xreleased) preferred way of doing this. Maybe there's others? Should probably only do this in Any% No EG or AD/AB as the hookshot setup is much easier. File

Mid Left (no Hookshot)

Many players like this method, whether they have the hookshot or not. This strategy is highly dependent on having the good Arc Variable set. If the firebats spawn incorrectly, it can go very wrong. File

Mid Right (no hookshot)

Exact same strat as Mid Left. File

Far Right (no Hookshot)

Similar to Far Left, once again I recommend using hookshot here if you have it. File

Far Left (no Hookshot) alt

After ending phase 1, dash up through ganon and dash until he expands the ring, then slash until he contracts it. Typically need 1 or 2 more dashes, or a final slash after dodging the bats to finish him off. File

Far Right (no Hookshot) alt

8 slashes, then walk to the side to sneak in between the bats. This is somewhat precise but nothing crazy. I (fsg) prefer this to the other methods as it feels way less tight than any of the other hookless strats. File

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