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LocationTurtle Rock
HP40Icon Bow.png-Icon Silver Bow.png-
Icon L1 Sword.png-Icon Cane of Somaria.png-Icon Cane of Byrna.png-
Icon L2 Sword.png4Icon Fire Rod.png-Icon Ice Rod.png-
Icon L3 Sword.png8Icon Hammer.png8Icon Bombs.png-
Icon L4 Sword.png16Icon Boomerang.png-Icon Hookshot.png-
Icon Bombos.png-Icon Ether.png-Icon Quake.png-
Icon Green Mail.png
Icon Blue Mail.png
Icon Red Mail.png



On the first phase, all of Trinexx's heads will attack. The Fire Head will launch several flames, dealing two hearts of damage. The Ice Head will create several ice tiles in the boss room. The main head of Trinexx will occasionally lunge towards Link's direction. The visual cue of when this attack is incoming is when Trinexx's tail is wagging quickly.

The second phase, the shell of Trinexx will come off, revealing a python-like creature. It will run around the room, trying to chase Link.


On the first phase: Run to the Fire Head, stand behind it and use the Ice Rod. Use the Tempered Sword on the head. Do the same thing with the Ice Head, except use the Fire Rod.

On the second phase: Stand to the left of Trinexx's snake form and use a spin attack. If timed right, you'll do a doublespin, dealing an extra hit of damage. One more spin attack and you'll be able to defeat Trinexx.

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