Swamp Palace

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Swamp Palace
Swamp Palace.png
Boss Arrghus
Dungeon item Hookshot
Previous dungeon Palace of Darkness
Next dungeon Skull Woods

Any% NMG

Northwest Swamp Quick Warp

For the first quick warp, you want to walk under the warp tile after picking up the rock, and then move ^> into the warp. You can pump a few times before hammering down the peg to gain a few frames.

You can also attempt to walk <^ into the corner of the warp tile to potentially save a handful of frames.

Watergate Quick Warp

To get this quick warp you need to be 3-4 pixels away from the right side wall when you mirror. A good idea is to hold <^ briefly as you're moving up the stairs, and then using a pause buffer (switching from Hammer to Mirror) to confirm your position (Link's right ear position relative to the wall is a good visual cue to use here).

3 pixels from wall
4 pixels from wall

Many runners opt not to go for the quick warp on their way out of the watergate (after pulling the lever) - in this case you want to mirror as close to the entrance as possible to minimize walking time. Otherwise you want to place the warp further away from the entrance to give you some time to move diagonally v> into the quick warp position (you need to move 4-5 pixels to the right to get the quick warp this time around).

Lever Room

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Main Hub 1st visit

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Grabbing Hookshot

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Restock Room

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Collected Items

You pick up Hookshot in this segment.


See Arrghus

100% NMG

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