All Dungeons (RMG)

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All Dungeons (RMG)
Leaderboards SRC
World Record n/a until fixed
Splits LiveSplit file

Optimal Route

  • 300 rupee bomb house
  • Mirror to Book of Mudora (before Frog)
  • Tempered sword
  • 300 rupee house
  • Skull Woods
  • S+Q to Mountain
  • Warp and walk to Ice Palace
  • Ice Palace
  • Mirror to Light World
  • Swim to Ice Rod
  • S+Q to Mountain

Easy Route (less clips)

  • escape
  • sq link house
  • clip into eastern, get boots
  • sq sanc
  • DMA, mirror
  • Hera clip, Hera
  • pod clip area, Pod
  • S+Q mountain to thieves’ town with western DMD (“thiefjump”)
  • rupees, smithy+book, tempered
  • skull woods
  • sq mountain
  • clip into hera again (to reload ether), run get ether, run to trock and clip to zora’s for flipper
  • whirlpool, ice palace, ice rod
  • stupid sq to link house and go through the fluteless mire things (would be nice to warp here with yba if it’s faster?)
  • desert (break with mirror and fire rod)
  • run to mire
  • vitreous
  • bombos jump to swamp (must enter normally to drop arrghus crystal)
  • swamp
  • sq mountain, dark mountain climb to trock
  • break trock and pee on it
  • sq to mountain and jump into gtower
  • agah2->agah1->pig